About Us

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Handbook Cover 2017-18 Chugach Optional Handbook


About our School

Chugach Optional Elementary began in 1973 and is the oldest open optional program in Anchorage. Proud of its history, Chugach Optional’s strong program has inspired students in a supportive and exciting learning environment for several generations. Through our optional curriculum, we work to foster a joy of learning that extends beyond the classroom. We encourage the development of critical thinking and self-directed learning. We meet these goals by collaborating with our staff and families while providing ongoing staff professional development.


Philosophy of Chugach

Our philosophy is based on the following beliefs and assumptions:

  • Children are naturally curious, want to learn, and can learn
  • Instruction should be child-centered, that is, responsive to the special interests and aptitudes of each child
  • The learning environment should nurture growth of the whole child, emphasizing physical, emotional, and academic development
  • The joy of learning lies in meeting challenges, discoverying new territory and gaining knowledge through experience
  • Children who share responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to think independently will grow into self-directed responsible adults


More Information


Clare Hill

(907) 742-3730


Clare Hill was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska. She was a Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal at Ravenwood Elementary prior to becoming the Chugach Optional Principal in 2016. Clare holds two Masters degrees in Teaching and Educational Leadership. She is currently working on her Doctorate at Creighton University.