Yoga for Happy Kids

The goal for Yoga for Kids is to provide children with some “tools” to keep in their “toolbox” to help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and become more kind, compassionate and happy. Available for $25 to 12 students.


  “Yoga for Happy Kids” is series of after school classes intended to explore yoga postures and playful movement with a variety of games which teach techniques for mindful, “or friendly” awareness.  


When?:  Monday’s and Wednesday’s  

                3-4 p.m.

               January 17-31, 2018     

Who?:  anyone in grades:  3-6   

Group Size?:  Limited to 12 students  

Location?:  Chugach Optional music room 

Instructor?:  Cami Dalton, retired Chugach teacher and RYT


Cost for the Series?:   $25   (5 sessions total)

*must enroll for entire series —no drop in option*


Yoga as a physical practice is about awareness, balance, and connection with ourselves.   Yoga can enhance physical  and mental vitality.  Yoga can strengthen, refresh, stretch and invigorate.  

Mindful awareness enables one to pay closer attention to what is happening within:  thoughts, feelings and emotions.  


“Mindfulness is paying attention, here and now, with curiosity and kindness, and then choosing my behavior.”